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    40' Blue Container

    Onsite Storage Solutions offers the full range of storage container sizes and types for all sorts of needs and requirements, including:

    • All Sizes of New and Used Containers: 20′, 40′, 45′ and more
    • Standard Dry Vans and High Cubes
    • Used Shipping Containers
    • Refrigerated Containers
    • Open Top Containers
    • Conex Boxes

    What size storage container do you need?

    Open Storage Container with Boxes

    Used storage containers come in standard sizes including 20′, 40′, 40′ High Cube and 45′ High Cube.  We also sell new storage containers with other sizes and configurations starting as short as 10′.   See chart with new sizes.  Note availability varies.

    For many general purposes uses, a container size of 20 feet is popular. The door height is a little over 7.5 feet with a width of about 7 feet 8 inches. If you are transporting heavy duty equipment consider a 20-foot long flat rack container.

    There are also 40-foot long general-purpose shipping containers. For transporting products requiring refrigeration there are also 40-foot long refrigerated containers.

    If you are considering a used 20′ you should know the price difference between a used 20′ container and a used 40′ or 40′ HC is not that great. This is due to the fact that most freight is shipped in 40′ and 40′ HC cargo containers.  Hence supply and demand has led to pricing in some locations where 20′ and 40′ containers are almost the same price.  Other considerations include the standard height of 8′ 6″ versus high cube height of 9′ 6″. If you plan to use the container as shed or workshop the extra height of the 9′ 6″  high cube is highly recommended especially if you plan to insulate.
    A 20′ container will fit most of the furniture from a 3 bedroom home, such as:
    • 3 mattresses
    • 4 dressers
    • 1 Kitchen Table w/ 6 chairs
    • Couch
    • 2 sitting chairs
    • Coffee table
    • 2 TVs
    • Washer & Dryer
    A 40′ and 40′ HC are typically a better value with roughly twice the storage capacity of a 20′. If your home has 4 furnished bedrooms, we recommend a 40′ storage container or larger container like a 45′ or 53′, so ask for prices if that applies.

    Container Conditions

    We generally source Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Containers, which have been used on cargo ships, so they are strong and sturdy, and show signs of use like dings and dents and may have some paint chips. If none of the cosmetic stuff matters to you, then you get it at a great price and it can be safely used for storage of your contents. A step up in condition from that is the Cargo Worthy Container (CWO), which is CSC certified for Ocean-Vessel Shipment. Above that is the One-Trip Container, which is nearly new with maybe a dent or two. The higher the condition, the higher the price, so if you just need a container for storage, Wind and Water Tight (WWT) is the cheapest.

    Shipping Container Features

    CSC plate applies only to shipping worthy containers. For more information about the size dimensions and weight of the containers (tare), see below.

    Storage Container Dimensions

    External Dimensions
    L x W
    Cubic Feet
    L x W x H
    20′ Dry Van19′ 11″8′8′ 6″160′1,354′
    40′ Dry Van40′8′8′ 6″320′2,720′
    40′ High Cube40′8′9′ 6″320′3,040′
    45′ High Cube45′8′9′ 6″360′3,420′
    20′ Refrigerated19′ 11″8′8′ 6″160′1,354′
    40′ Refrigerated40′8′8′ 6″320′2,720′
    40′ HC Refrigerated40′8′9′ 6″320′3,040′


    Internal Dimensions
    L X W
    L x W x H
    20′ Dry Van19′ 3″7′ 8″7′ 9″149′1,144′
    40′ Dry Van39′ 5″7′ 8″7′ 9″306′2,343′
    40′ High Cube39′ 5″7′ 8″8′ 10″306′2,670′
    45′ High Cube44′ 5″7′ 8″8′ 10″344′3,009′
    20′ Refrigerated17′ 11″7′ 6″7′ 6″134′1,007′
    40′ Refrigerated37′ 11″7′ 6″7′ 6″284′2,132′
    40′ HC Refrigerated37′ 11″7′ 6″8′ 4″284′2,368′


    Door Openings
    20′ Dry Van7′ 8″7′ 5″
    40′ Dry Van7′ 8″7′ 5″
    40′ High Cube7′ 8″8′ 6″
    45′ High Cube7′ 8″8′ 6″
    20′ Refrigerated7′ 5″7′ 3″
    40′ Refrigerated7′ 6″7′ 6″
    40′ HC Refrigerated7′ 6″8′ 4″


    20′ Dry Van5,050
    40′ Dry Van8,000
    40′ High Cube8,775
    45′ High Cube9,810
    20′ Refrigerated6,503
    40′ Refrigerated9,750
    40′ HC Refrigerated9,590

    Note: Tare = Weight of an empty container. Measurements may vary.

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