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    Onsite Storage Solutions, a Murrieta-based storage solutions company that rents and sells steel containers, started from very humble beginnings. The idea was borne out of necessity, according to its founder Gregg Schoenborn. Back in 2000, Gregg found himself out of work and was checking out containers as a possible storage solution for his boat. Seeing that the business was highly fragmented, he thought to himself that he could do this business and do it better. The idea was kept in the back-burner as Gregg went on to get married. But then, his wife also lost her job. With both of them jobless, they decided to do the business. With the help of his brother, he was able to buy his first container. Husband and wife team then started selling doing door to door while they held office from their kitchen table.

    It was hard work. But with perseverance, Gregg was able to sell his first two containers. And it proved to be the steam they needed to get going. They soon started hiring people and later move out from the kitchen and have a real office. But at this point in time, things have evolved in the industry from when he first started out with just the idea. With new technologies evolving, Onsite Storage Solutions rode the digital wave and used it to leverage themselves in the industry doing what they do best which is offering a variety of services that includes surveying, custom container modifications and container delivery and providing with it the best customer experience possible .

    Today, Onsite Storage Solutions is able to provide containers with full door to door delivery throughout North America. Its team of experts can move empty or fully loaded vans. Onsite Storage Solutions operates a complete transportation program from trucking to the most comprehensive rail pricing packages available. Onsite Storage Solutions is very responsive in addressing client concerns and customer inquiries in a very timely manner as they have their own dedicated agents to handle online support. The company has set the bar for exemplary customer service as it delivers 24×7-365 live chat support to provide the best customer experience in the storage containers industry.