10 Foot Shipping Container

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Are you looking for a small shipping container? Our 10 ft shipping containers can be handy when you don’t have a lot of space to work with, or you don’t need to transport or store a large number of goods. They are exactly half the size of 20-foot containers, which equates to half the size of a single-car garage.


Dimensions of a 10' Standard Shipping Container

Container Dimensions 10 Standard 10 High Cube
External Length 10 ft 10 ft
External Width 8 ft 8 ft
External Height 8 ft 6" 9 ft 6"
Internal Length 9 ft 6" 9 ft 6"
Internal Width 7 ft 8" 7 ft 8"
Internal Height 7 ft 10" 8 ft 10"
Floor Space 80 sqft 80 sqft
Weight 2800 lbs 3100 lbs

How Much Does A Shipping Container Cost?

On-Site Storage Solutions offers both new and used 10 shipping containers. Most 10 foot shipping containers are made by cutting a 20 foot container in half. Because most used 10 foot shipping containers are constructed from larger shipping containers we can also provide custom sized shipping containers ranging from 5 foot shipping containers to 39 foot shipping containers if needed. The shortened used shipping containers can be fabricated to have the original double doors or a new roll up door. If the container has been shortened from a used container and the customer wants the container to have the original doors then the container will not have corner castings on the bulkhead end unless requested. If the container is a new duocon container then each 10 foot container will have double doors on one end and it will have corner castings on all corners once the 10 foot containers are separated. The additional fabrication needed to shorting a used shipping container to 10 feet means that a 10 foot used container will cost more than a standard used 20′ shipping container. To get pricing in your location please select quote here.

Not sure which shipping container will fulfill your storage container needs or modification requirements? This 10 Foot Container Buyer’s Guide below will help


Used 10-ft Containers

Our used 10-foot shipping container for sale is popular since it offers a lot of portability. They can be used as secure storage in small spaces or they can be modified for many different uses. Most used containers are about 15 years old and typically have some dings, dents, and surface rust. Though the exterior may have some wear and tear, they are guaranteed to have no holes and are suitable for storage and transport.

Refurbished 10-ft Containers

Our refurbished 10-foot shipping container is a used Wind and Water (WWT) container that has been prepped, primed, and repainted. Refurbishing gives a shipping container a new lease on life and can extend its lifespan. Please note that exterior paint is an added cost.

New One Trip 10-ft Containers

Our one-trip containers are the newest, cleanest, and highest quality shipping containers we sell. These containers are manufactured in Asia and have only completed one trip to deliver cargo. Once the cargo is unloaded, the containers are stored properly until sold. They may have minor dents and scrapes (which is normal) and, with proper maintenance, can last up to 30 years.

Not Sure Which Container Will Fulfill Your Storage?



Step 1 in buying a shipping container is giving your location

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Step 2 in buying a shipping container is choosing a container size

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Step 3 in buying a shipping container is wait for the delivery or pick up the container

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On-Site Storage Solutions is the leader of storage rentals whether you need Dry Van Containers and Refrigerated Containers. With over 60 locations around America and Canada, we can get your container anytime or anywhere! Call us today at (888) 977-9085 to know the rental terms near you.


On-Site Storage Solutions has partnered with TimePayment to offer affordable lease-to-purchase options for qualified applicants (Minimum 550 FICA). If you need a shipping container for your business or personal use this option allows you to purchase your shipping container over time. Payments are usually less than the cost to rent an off-site storage unit with the added benefits of owning the container at the end of the term and having the storage on-site for easy access.

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