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Shipping Containers For Sale

The versatility of shipping containers is unmatched. Regardless of brutal oceanic conditions, these shipping containers have unmatched durability. Some of the world’s most famous companies trust shipping containers with their most valuable cargo. However, these containers offer more than just protection for cargo during transit.

Shipping containers have unmatched versatility. Besides uses for shipping, they are exceptional for storage. Their weight and durability is perfect if you need a place to store valuables for a few days or a few months. Furthermore, the popularity of shipping containers is due to not just their versatility, but the different amenities specialized containers provide.

If you’re using shipping containers to deliver cars across the ocean, store refrigerated meat for a restaurant, or anything in between, you can rest assured there are shipping containers for sale fitting every purpose.


Types of Shipping and Storage Containers

Insulated Containers

Insulated containers are designed to keep the cargo inside safe and relatively unaffected by the exterior conditions. Whether it is blisteringly hot or bitterly cold, these containers make temperature changes less drastic. Depending on the type of insulation, they also keep delicate items intact for delivery.

Climate Control Containers

Some products need to be kept in specific temperature and humidity controlled environments. Climate control containers provide consistent temperatures for keeping items cold or warm. Also, thanks to dehumidifiers, you can control the humidity within a container. These are great containers for shipping specialized cargo.of insulation, they also keep delicate items intact for delivery.

On-site Storage Solutions can assist you in choosing the appropriate container for your needs. We also perform modifications and provide additional items for your container. To discuss with our sales representative near you, contact us now.

shapes of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers all have a consistent shape. This is because stacking the containers is necessary on cargo ships. The containers are rectangular. This means items stored must be of a certain size, shape, and weight. Critical to this consideration is why these containers are as high and wide as they are.

Rectangular Shipping Containers

Most shipping containers have a length from 20-40 feet with an eight foot width and a height of nine feet. These are standard spaces. Most businesses plan accordingly to stack cargo, however some are enterprising and rent the space they don’t use. Getting the most out of your shipping container – including additional revenue – is as limitless as your imagination allows you to be.

Buying Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are both complex and simple, and the good news is they’re also relatively inexpensive. Whether seeking to put cargo on a ship for a transoceanic voyage or use as a storage facility, the cost efficiency of shipping containers can’t be denied. These shipping containers keep items safe under the harshest environmental conditions, so for storage purposes they can’t be beat. 

Businesses appreciate cost certainty, and few costs are as certain as shipping containers. Whether storing valuables or simply keeping excess items in a safe place, shipping containers are perfect for every use. Getting a shipping container to handle your needs is simple! Start the process by getting a free quote today!

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