What is a Sea can?

A sea can, also known as a shipping container, is an intermodal steel container used for the transport of goods. They are used by manufacturers and retailers to ship products from one place to another both quickly and efficiently. Continue reading to know more about sea cans and their various uses.

What are Sea cans made of?

Sea cans are typically made from intermodal steel, providing them with strong and durable construction. The walls of the container are usually reinforced with an inner frame and corner posts, while the floor is thickly padded to protect cargo during transport.

What are the different sizes?

Sea containers come in a variety of sizes, from the two standard sizes – 20-foot and 40-foot. The capacity varies depending on the type of container and its size. The smallest ones are able to hold thousands of kilograms and the largest is able to hold over 65,000 kgs of cargo.  Containers can also be stacked for increased capacity or convenience. There are also special containers such as high cubes, refrigerated containers, open tops, and flat racks.

How are Sea cans used for shipping?

The sea can have become increasingly popular for transporting goods internationally due to its size, durability, and flexibility. They can be loaded onto a ship or railroad truck depending on the distance between locations.

Additionally, these containers can be opened up quickly at ports of call in order to transfer items from one type of vehicle to another without having them exposed to the elements or potential theft along the way.

What else can Sea cans be used for?

With the increasing popularity of using conex boxes for storage solutions has come various other applications as well! From being used as emergency housing units during natural disasters or providing extra space on construction sites. There’s no doubt that these containers offer many benefits beyond just shipping goods overseas!

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