Used shipping containers are inspected and graded accorting to age, structural soundness, exterior and interior condition, number of miles travelled, damage and repair history, as well as the weather conditions that it was stored and shipped.




Used shipping containers are inspected and graded accorting to age, structural soundness, exterior and interior condition, number of miles travelled, damage and repair history, as well as the weather conditions that it was stored and shipped.

A shipping container is identified by its type (Dry Van, General Purpose, Flat Rack, Refrigerated, etc.) as well as its size. Shipping containers are also known as ISO containers (ISO International Shipping Organization) can be one-trip containers, used containers, or purpose-built containers. They might be 10 feet, 20 feet, 40 feet long, or 45’ long and have a standard height of 8.6 feet or a high cube height of 9’6″ feet. Used wind and water-tight (WWT) shipping containers are our most popular items because they provide the best value.

Every year we purchase thousands of used shipping containers that have recently been retired from international shipping. All these shipping containers are inspected to make sure they do not leak and that they are in structurally sound condition. As one of the world’s largest sellers of used shipping containers, we can provide the lowest prices on shipping containers. Many people and companies purchase our low-priced containers for storage, office containers, and custom container applications like coffee houses and restaurants. To better understand the many types of used containers, let’s take a closer look at the options.

What are used containers?

Most “Used” containers we sell were retired from service after transporting products internationally for up to 15 years. Used shipping containers are a great option for individuals who want to save money. These containers will show much greater signs of wear and tear when compared to one-trip containers because they have carried cargo around the world many times. Customers should expect these lower-cost used containers to have original paint with shipping line decals plus dents, dings, rust, and repair patches. If appearance is important we suggest upgrading to a new one-trip container or refurbished shipping container.

It is normal for containers to have rust. Shipping containers are built from CorTen steel which is high carbon steel that slows down the corrosion process significantly. Used containers will have scratched floors and WWT containers may have soft spots on the floor and some delamination but will still be fine for walking on and securely storing your valuables. If you plan to use a forklift inside the container we recommend upgrading Cargo Worthy container to ensure the floor can handle the weight of the forklift.

Grades of used
shipping containers


Used cargo-worthy containers are the ones that have the best quality in the grading system. They normally have old shipping markings, surface rust, abrasions, and dents that are wind and watertight, and prevent the entrance of any kind of insects or rodents. They may have a few scratches on the surface, but they are fully functional. They also frequently have a CSC (convention for safe containers) sticker, allowing them to be used for international shipping. They’re ideal for keeping delicate goods or constructing a workspace that nevertheless costs less than other options.


Our most popular grade, Wind and Water Tight containers are used shipping containers that are guaranteed not to leak. These are normally a little older than cargo worthy containers.

Although they won’t leak, you can expect WWT shipping containers to have original paint, surface rust, dents, and abrasions from heavy-duty shipping service. The external appearance might even be ugly for these containers. They’re mostly used to keep items that don’t require as many special storage precautions as other goods.


The storage containers in this grade are usually the oldest. It has been inspected and found to be damaged so severely that it will cost too much to repair to make it Wind and Water Tight. There will be external and internal issues with the container such as holes, broken flooring, and other structural issues. Generally, we do not recommend that customers buy an As-Is container unless it will be used for some purpose where structural soundness and exterior are not required. They’re usually utilized for storing things that don’t need to be kept away from moisture or rodents, such as building materials, automobile parts, and tools that won’t rust.


A Used IICL container meets the stringent inspection requirements set by the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL). These requirements are known as the strictest criteria for damage tolerance limits as specified in the IICL-6 Guide for Container Equipment Inspection – Sixth Edition (IICL-6).

Most used IICL containers are younger than used Cargo Worthy containers. These younger containers are more expensive since they are in better condition and they have not been fully depreciated. IICL containers have limited availability since most are still “In Service” by the shipping lines.


One-trip containers are as good as new ones, but they might be referred to as used containers. You’ll have to transport a brand-new shipping container to the location you require it if you buy one straight from a container manufacturer, won’t you?

These boxes have been loaded with cargo one time and have made a single trip. They spend an average of 75-90 days on the sea before coming into the market.

The lifespan of one-trip shipping containers is significantly longer than used cargo containers. The used container, regardless of condition, has spent time at sea and requires greater care.



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