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Have you ever been curious as to how to transport big, irregular items such as furniture or heavy equipment? Containers make it easy and convenient to ship items of all shapes and sizes that fit neatly in a closed container. However, If you have to transport items that are big, bulky and won’t fit neatly into the limited dimensions of a standard container you may need to find another option. So, what do you do if your items are too big for a standard container? The answer is, use a flat rack. Flat racks are specifically designed for shipping big or oddly shaped products.

Unlike a standard ISO container, which has 4 walls and a roof, a flat rack only has a front and back wall and has no side walls or roof. Some flat racks come with no walls at all This makes them perfect for shipping items that are too large to fit inside a standard container, or for hauling oddly shaped items that wouldn’t fit well inside a standard box which are only 8 feet wide. The flat racks are well suited for the transportation of heavy machinery, construction materials, pipe, and other types of over- sized freight. 

Types of Flat Rack Containers

Collapsible flat racks
  • Collapsible: Collapsible flat racks are easy to load and unload and have collapsible walls or posts that can fold in for easy storage. They take up much less space when stored. They can be stacked on top of each other, taking up much less space than a standard container or Non-Collapsible flat rack.
  • Non-Collapsible/ Fixed Flat Racks: Flat racks with fixed walls or posts on both ends are non-collapsible. This form of flat rack is more durable and capable of carrying larger weights. However, unlike the collapsible flat rack, they cannot be stacked.
  • Platform Post Flat rack: The platform post flat rack has no walls at all; it’s basically just a sturdy floor equipped with lashing rings to secure cargo. These are perfect for any item that can’t fit in the 8 feet wide or 9 ½ foot tall container.
platform post flat rack

What are Flat Rack Shipping Container Dimensions?

Flat rack containers come in a variety of sizes depending on your needs. 20ft and 40ft square end. Here are the approximate dimensions of flat racks. The specific dimensions and the capacity will vary depending on the make and age of the container so the measurements below are an approximation.

Choosing the Right Size Container

When choosing a size for your flat rack container, you need to consider the size of your cargo. If your cargo is too big or too small for the space available, it can cause problems during transportation. If your cargo is too big for the flat rack, it may not be able to be transported safely. If your cargo is too small for the flat rack, there will be empty space in the container that could allow movement during transport and damage your cargo. 

Flat Rack Containers

It can be a challenge to picture exactly how big a container can be. Here are a few everyday guidelines to help you.

To avoid these problems, make sure you choose the right-sized flat rack for your needs. You can find more information about flat rack dimensions on our website.

Advantages of Using Flat Racks

The main advantage of using a flat rack container is that it can accommodate large, bulky items that wouldn’t fit in a standard shipping container. Other advantages of using a flat rack container include:

  •  Flat racks are easy to load. The versatility provided by flat racks allows them to be loaded and unloaded in a variety of ways. For example, flat racks can be loaded from the top using a crane, or from the side using a forklift. This makes them ideal for transporting goods that are difficult or impossible to load using traditional shipping containers.
  • Flat racks are easy to stack and take up less room. Another advantage of flat racks is that they can be stacked on top of each other when not in use, which saves valuable storage space. When it comes time to ship your goods, simply unlatch the stacking pins and load your goods onto the flat rack. It’s that easy!

Because they are considered to be specialty containers and are not as readily available as a standard container, flat racks are on average more expensive than a standard shipping container.

Where do you go from here?

You may be convinced that a flat rack is ideal for your next task now. The next step would be to find reliable and reputable shipping container providers in your area. We’ve got you covered with On-Site Storage Solutions! We’ll make sure we have the size and type of container you need, as well as a stellar reputation for client service.

If you’re looking for a flat rack container provider, you can check out our website. We provide high-quality shipping containers for sale and hire, and we can deliver them to you. Contact us at  (888) 405-8772 today to find out more!

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