What Are The Shipping Container Grades and Conditions?

Shipping containers come in a variety of grades and condition levels, each with its own unique benefits. Understanding the difference between these container types can help you choose the one that fits your needs best. From cost to durability, differentiating between shipping containers is essential for savvy buyers looking to get the most from their investment.

Shipping containers come in New, Used, and Refurbished conditions and each condition has 4 grades that include IICL, cargo worthy, wind and watertight, and as-is grades. This article will explore the various shipping container conditions and grades to give the reader a better understanding of the different levels of containers that are available.

Understanding Shipping Container Conditions and Grades

Shipping containers are designed to be durable and resilient, often appearing new even after a great deal of use. Depending on their condition upon inspection, these boxes can fall under various classifications that dictate the grade of said container. Even if there may be signs of wear both externally or internally, shipping containers remain built to last for prolonged periods no matter how rigorous the conditions they’re exposed to.

To guarantee the highest quality, On-Site Storage Solutions strictly follows the ISO Technical Committees grading system to assess and categorize all shipping container conditions.

New One Trip Shipping Containers

One-Trip Containers are the newest shipping containers available in the market. These containers are used once to transport goods from China and are then sold afterward. The journey across the ocean can take an average of 75-90 days and requires heavy handling, resulting in some dents, dings, and rust, but still remaining largely in great shape.

During transport, it is likely that a forklift may cause faint scratches on the container’s floor; however, these marks are expected and should remain minimal.

New shipping containers are typically painted in one solid, uniform tone such as tan, gray, or blue but won’t carry any shipping line markings. Despite this, they still have the mandatory information displayed on them like their capacity and dimensions along with corresponding container numbers.

These containers have been labeled as IICL or Grade A, providing outstanding quality and reliability.

Used Shipping Containers

Used containers are a cost-effective option for those who prioritize functionality over appearance. These shipping containers have been previously used to transport cargo and may show signs of wear, such as dents and rust. Despite this, they are durable and can last for several years. Typically sourced from global shipping services, these containers are around 8-15 years old.

Used shipping containers are further classified by the following grades:
  • Cargo Worthy shipping containers are thoroughly inspected and approved for international transport – air, rail, or road. The exterior may show minor aesthetic damage such as original paint (color varies), old markings from former shipments, rust patches, and dents. If the container is intended for export purposes, it must pass a detailed survey to receive its valid CSC inspection sticker.

  • Wind and Water Tight shipping containers are reliable shipping vessels that are guaranteed not to leak. However, you should anticipate these WWT storage boxes to present with the typical signs of wear such as rusty surfaces, original paintwork, dents, or abrasions from their past use in rough transportation services – making them slightly unpleasant externally.
  • As Is storage containers in this grade are usually the oldest. After a thorough inspection, it is found that this container sustained such severe damage that repairing it to make sure it is wind and water-tight would prove too costly. On both its external and internal surfaces, there are holes in the structure as well as broken flooring among other concerns. Generally, we advise customers not to buy this container unless they plan on using it for something where structural soundness or exterior does not really matter – like storing building materials, automobile parts, or tools that won’t rust since moisture or rodents will not be much of an issue here.

Refurbished Shipping Containers

Refurbished Shipping Containers are Wind and Water Tight (WWT) containers that have been cleaned, primed, and freshly painted in order to give them a second chance at life. By refurbishing these units we can extend their lifespan for years of productivity.

If you’re in need of a Used Wind and Water Tight container, we have you covered with our three diverse refurbishment levels that can cater to your individual needs.

  • Typical refurbishment – The outside of the container will be painted. Before painting, any rust is taken off and spots are primed. The roof and other parts of the outside get painted too. Moreover, locks, gaskets, and decals are also given a new paint job.
  • Full refurbishment – Enhancing Typical Refurbishment further, this method includes a fresh coat of paint to the interior.
  • Factory refurbishment – This is an extensive renovation of the shipping container.

On-Site Storage Solutions

With On-Site Storage Solutions, you’re sure to find the perfect shipping container for your needs. Our wide selection of new, used, and refurbished containers come in a variety of grades and sizes that are certain to meet all your requirements. Get connected with our knowledgeable customer service today by dialing 888 405-8772 and let us help you get the storage solution you deserve!

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