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How Much Does A Used Shipping Container Cost

shipping container cost

We could always agree that a used shipping container cost much lesser compared to a new one. Lots of people tends to consider purchasing a used one for they believe that it’s a great way to transform unconventional things to conventional such as having a home, cafe, studio, etc. But the question is, how do […]

Everything You Need To Know About Container Homes

all about shipping containers

Are you planning to build an eco-friendly and affordable house made from shipping containers? It might seem like buying, renovating, and living in a container home is difficult, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Yes, you can spend a small fortune on a sophisticated design worthy of a full page spread in an architectural magazine […]

How To Build A Container Home: Turn Storage Containers Into a Man Cave

shipping container man cave

In today’s stressful world filled with numerous obligations such as work, home, kids, etc. it’s no wonder people are feeling tired and burnt out. Everyone needs and deserves a “sanctuary”, a place where one can relax and unwind and forget about troubles. “Man Caves” for men and “She-Sheds” for women are the perfect retreats to […]

Top 10 Innovative Uses Of Shipping Containers

innovative ways to use shipping containers

Intermodal Shipping Containers are primarily used in the shipping industry for transporting goods overseas. However, people are finding unique and innovative ways to use them after they’ve served their useful purpose and are essentially “retired” from the shipping industry. Not only are containers helping to solve industry specific problems they’re also great for low cost […]

Things to Consider when Buying 40 ft Containers

buying 40 foot shipping containers

Intermodal Containers also known as shipping containers, cargo containers,  freight containers and conex boxes are one of the most significant inventions that helped to propel the cargo industry. Since its inception in the 1950’s people have found a variety of alternative and innovative uses for these giant steel boxes. The factors to consider while shopping […]

How to Paint a Rusty Shipping Container

paint rusty shipping container

Used shipping containers are a great investment because they are a very affordable storage option. There are very few, if any, cheaper options for safe storage. However, because these containers have been in use for over 12 years they do indeed have their share of ware and tear. After years of overseas shipping the containers […]

How to Prevent Shipping Container Rust

prevent shipping container rust

Don’t Trust The Rust ​ Whether you are buying or renting, your shipping container is a valuable investment. To get the most out of your investment, it’s worth taking some time to perform regular maintenance to prevent deterioration over time and rust is the biggest threat to the lifespan of your container.  Although containers are […]

A Quick & Easy Guide On How To Choose the Right Shipping Container

Choose right shipping container

On-Site Storage Solutions, Inc. provides all types of shipping containers ranging from the most popular dry van shipping containers to refrigerated shipping containers to a variety of specialty containers.The numerous types of shipping containers provide secure portable storage with a variety of unique characteristics.This guide will help you to choose the right shipping container by […]

How To Maintain Your Shipping Container

Maintaining your shipping container

Shipping containers are designed to be durable in order to withstand the elements. Whether sailing the world on the top of container ships, traveling down the highway on the trailer of a big rig truck, speeding down train tracks, or even just sitting in storage at the nearest ports– shipping containers do their job to […]

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