How Much Does A Used Shipping Container Cost

We could always agree that a used shipping container cost much lesser compared to a new one. Lots of people tends to consider purchasing a used one for they believe that it’s a great way to transform unconventional things to conventional such as having a home, cafe, studio, etc.

But the question is, how do you know if you’re getting the right deal with these used shipping containers? There are some factors that we need to keep in mind in choosing a used shipping container. It will depend on its age and condition, size, shipping fee and on which seller will you be closing the deal with. 

For a quick response, used shipping containers can cost roughly between $2,000 to $4,500. This still depends on certain factors such as those mentioned above. To give you a more clearer idea of the costings, take a look on the following: 

Things To Take Into Consideration When Buying Used Shipping Containers:

1. The Shipping Container's Age And Condition​

Buying a used shipping container doesn’t mean that its quality is substandard, mostly it depends on how these containers were used and where it had been exposed to. Used or retired containers are still useful, it’s just that they just exceeded the recommended shelf life for international transport. Moreover, some shipping containers such as One-Trip Containers are considered relatively new. They are just manufactured in another continent and are being shipped loaded with goods. Basically it is a new container, and it is also known as a one-trip container because it has only made one trip. It may just have minor dings or dents from being transported, loaded and unloaded at ports, but still, it’s in good condition.  To give you an overview, here are the estimated prices for a One-Trip Container:

  • Used 20 Foot Shipping Container costs around $3,000.00

  • Used 40 Foot Standard Shipping Container costs around $4,500.00

  • Used 40 Foot Standard High Cube Container costs around $5,000.00

2. Shipping Container Size

There are different storage container sizes and types that are suited according to your needs, interests and/or requirements. Used storage containers come in different standard sizes: 20’, 40’, 40’ High Cube and 45’ High Cube. These standard sizes are approved by the International Standards Organization (ISO) for quality and safety purposes. However, take note that the price could vary depending on the size and the custom features of your desired shipping container.


3. Shipping/Delivery Fees​

When purchasing a shipping container whether used or brand new, take into consideration its shipping and/or delivery services. The farther you are from the port location, it will indeed cost more. In addition, the higher the chance that you’ll not be able to inspect the used shipping container firsthand. So, better look for a trustworthy seller that tends to offer a good deal and a shipping policy that if conditions guarantee is not met, they’ll replace the shipping container at their own expense.

4. Which sellers? Top-Tier Suppliers!

There are many options as to how to purchase a used shipping container, however you have to be cautious on choosing your dealer. You may buy from a local supplier, from an individual or a middleman or go directly to a top-tier supplier to be assured of the quality and delivery services of your used shipping container. These suppliers offer quotations as well that will be suited to your needs, so before finalizing your order you’ll not just have the idea of an estimated cost but rather, you’ll have a clearer expectations on how much does your shipping container would cost including other fees.

Doing a bit of research, considering different options and asking for quotations are just some of the basic things that people do when buying a used shipping container. It may be a little tasky, but surely it will help you arrive in your desired deal. If you need any help regarding shipping containers in general, just reach us out at We will be glad and honored to assist you in your needs!

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