What is the significance of a CSC Survey?

What is the significance of a CSC Survey? If a shipping container is going to be used for overseas shipping it must have a valid and up to date CSC plate. In order to obtain a CSC plate the container must be inspected by a licensed inspector. Most inspections, known as surveys, are valid for […]

Why should you trust On-Site Storage Solutions with your Shipping Container needs?

Why Should you trust On-Site Storage Solutions with your Shipping Container needs? You may want to acquire storage containers for a variety of reasons. Maybe you need to declutter your home, or perhaps you are tired of paying an outrageous monthly rate for storing your belongings. Regardless of the reason, entrusting On-Site Storage Solutions with […]

Advantages of Open Top Shipping Containers for transporting goods

Most cargo is shipped using standard dry van shipping containers, however, when transporting large oversized freight the Open Top Shipping Container may be a better option. Items such as parts for large machinery, oversized engines, wheels etc. may require more door space to load than what the standard container door opening has to offer. The […]

What are the advantages of buying refurbished shipping containers?

In general, shipping containers are designed to last a long time. On average shipping containers are used for overseas shipping for about 10 – 15 years before they are retired. Containers are retired because they are no longer deemed suitable for overseas shipping.  These “retired” containers have endured years of sea travel and being handled […]

Top 10 Largest Container Ship Ports Across the Globe

The shipping business evolved dramatically in the past 60 years. Today the vast shipping industry and its worldwide operations would have been unimaginable to its pioneers. China is the main producer of shipping containers and according to the figures of their international shipping container sales, there are an estimated 300,000 new shipping containers added to […]

The Difference between High Cube Vs Standard Dry Van Containers

The container industry may seem complex and overwhelming to an outsider, however in the past 60 years the industry has remained relatively unchanged. The containers used for overseas shipping have changed very little in design and structure over the years and the size options are still rather limited. The most popular type and size of […]

What is a Reefer Container, and How does it work?

Refrigerated shipping containers (reefers) are used to ship temperature-sensitive products such as fruit, vegetables, fish,meat, dairy and even liquids. Because of their distinct features, these containers have a wide range of applications that extend far beyond cold transportation, making them a popular choice among On-Site Storage solution customers. What exactly is a reefer container, and […]

The Truckee Tahoe Airport Shipping Container Tower

In Truckee, California’s tiny mountain town, the local airport needed a new control tower. The airport control tower is an important communication tool necessary for aircraft to safely land or depart from the airport. About the Truckee Tahoe Airport Tonopah Airport is a public Regional General Aviation Airport designated by the FAA. It is located […]

Using a Storage Shipping Container in Moving Long Distances

Are you thinking about making a long-distance move in the near future? If that’s the case, you’re probably looking for creative ways to save money on the move. You’ve undoubtedly noticed that budgeting is time-consuming and overwhelming. Is it best to hire movers or rent a truck and dispose of what you can’t carry—it’s a […]