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Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated shipping containers provide a quick and cost effective solution for customers requiring climate controlled storage ranging in temperatures from -15 F to 75F. These containers can be set up on the ground for easy ground level access or left on a chassis trailer for customers with loading docks. The refrigerated shipping containers are equipped with all electric refrigeration machinery that requires 460V 3-Phase power. This electrical machinery is designed for maintenance and is much more cost effective then diesel refrigeration trailers. Unlike the diesel machinery, On-Site refrigerated shipping containers require no refueling and they are much quitter to operate and there is no harmful exhaust.


20 foot container
20′ Refrigerated Containers
Exterior Dimensions 20′ L x 8′ W x 8’6 H
Interior Dimensions 17′ L x 7’6 W x 7’6 H
Door Opening 7’2 W x 7’5 H
Tare Weight 6,830 lbs.
Max Gross Weight 67,200 lbs.
Max Payload 60,370 lbs. Cubic Capacity

40 foot container
40′ Refrigerated Containers
Exterior Dimensions 40′ L x 8′ W x 9’6″ H
Interior Dimensions 37′ L x 7′ 6″ W x 8’3″ H
Door Opening 7’6″ W x 8’3″ H
Tare Weight 10,270 lbs.
Max Gross Weight 74,960 lbs.
Max Payload 64,690 lbs.


Advantages of Refrigerated Shipping Container vs. Refrigerated Diesel Trailer:


• Lower cost to Purchase or Rent
• Lower cost to operate
• No diesel charges
• No refueling charges
• No hourly usage charges
• Lower maintenance
• Quitter
• Ground Level Access or Dock Level Access
• Superior construction and insulation.

Heavy Duty Construction

• Aluminum Exterior
• Stainless Steel Interior
• R30 insulation
• Aluminum T-rail Floor
• 2 Heavy duty locking cargo doors on one end

Electrical Requirements
• 440-460 Volt. 3 Phase power,25 Amp Max Draw